Date Picker

The basic setup requires targetting an input element and invoking the picker.


Use .pickadate class for basic Pick-A-Date Picker.

Format Date Picker

Setformat attribute for basic change format of date.

Min-Max Date Range

Use .pickadate-limits class for min. and max. date range.


Use .pickadate-translations class for language translation.

Pick-a-date with short string

Use .pickadate-short-string class for short Month & Week String.

Change First Weekday

Use .pickadate-firstday class to change first weekday to Monday.

Select Month & Year

Use .pickadate-months-year class for display select menus to pick the month & year.

Disabled Dates & Weeks

Use .pickadate-disable class for disabled dates or weeks. (such as all Sun.1th day of week and 1st and 3rd Sat.).

Time Picker


Use .pickatime class for basic Pick-a-Time Picker.

Change Formats

Use .pickatime-format class to change time display formats.

Format with Label

Use .pickatime-formatlabel class to display time label format.


Use .pickatime-intervals class to display time in Intervals.

Disable set of Time

Use .pickatime-disable class to disable time hours.

Minimum and maximum time range

Use .pickatime-min-max class for Start Time & End Time.